Each workshop will focus on a different aspect of the performing arts, starting with the basics of acting, then going into improv, monologues and skits, and so on. There will be an 1 1/2 hour session for 3rd-5th graders, and a session to follow for the youth (6th-12th grade). The best part is it’s free for anyone who wants to participate! You can participate in all of the workshops, or one, or just a couple, whatever you like! Everyone will need to sign up for each individual workshop as it approaches. Signs up will be online on the Gate website, and the classes will be capped at 25 participants each.


There will be one workshop a month. We will post dates as far in advance as possible to help you plan. Here are the scheduled workshops:

  • SATURDAY APRIL 30th– Skits
  • SATURDAY MAY 21ST — Musical Theatre


Register below to participate in the next workshop. Space is limited! If the registration is closed for a workshop, it will be noted below that we are not excepting anymore registrants for this round.

    Please register each participant separately.


    The Performance Showcase will be performed Friday July 29th at 7PM at The Gate.

    This year’s Showcase will feature two portions: the first is a performance showcase featuring skits, songs, and group musical numbers; the second is an original one act play entitled “The Vase”. Both will be performed together as one show, but they will rehearse separately the majority of the time. The Showcase portion is open to kids rising 3rd grade and up, youth, and young adults. “The Vase” one act is open to rising 5th grade-young adults.


    Everyone who signs up for the Performance Showcase will be cast, but everyone is required to audition. Auditions will be held Sunday June 5th at 12:30pm in the student center.

    A full rehearsal schedule will be provided for review by email once you have signed up. The amount of conflicts you have will determine what pieces/the size of the role you will be cast in (if you have more than 3 conflicts, the smaller the role you will be cast in).

    Roles available for “The Vase”

    • MICHELLE: the “mom” of the friend group; always looks out for everyone; smart/straight A student; accomplished singer and painter; small group leader. Despite the outward appearance of having everything together, she struggles deeply with depression.
    • ADDIE: kind, but anxious; overthinks and struggles a lot in her mind with fear and anxiety; but she steps up when she’s called to it and is truly a good friend and a fighter.
    • ARIEL: smart, generous; also very accomplished in academics and creative arts, but is envious of Michelle, feeling second best to her; her pride and envy get the better of her, but she isn’t totally beyond correction/repentance.
    • DONNA: sarcastic and witty; doesn’t really care for academics and may come across as sassy, but she genuinely cares for her friends.
    • HANNAH: energetic and lively; always ready to joke and lift people’s spirits; overdramatic at times.
    • SAMANTHA: sweet and innocent; genuine and a good friend/defender of those she loves, but still discovering the fire within herself.
    • LIENA: recently rededicated her life to Christ; social and a good listener; observant in group situations.
    • GINA/NURSE: means well, but disorganized and a procrastinator. This role is double cast, so whoever plays GINA will also be playing a NURSE in the hospital scene.
    • MRS. MORGAN: Michelle’s mother; elegant and proper; a loving mother but unaware of Michelle’s internal struggle as she is so focused on the outward success of Michelle.

    Roles available for the Showcase portion:

    **NOTE: all pieces and skits for the Showcase portion will not be finalized until after auditions as they are based around who we have sign up.**

    • VOCAL SOLOISTS: you will either be given a song to perform on your own, be featured in duet or trio or small group number, or be featured as a soloist in one of the group musical numbers.
    • ACTORS: there will be 2 skits to feature the kids–“David and Goliath”, and “A Night at the Game”. There will be a series of 3 skits that will connect the showcase together and will lead the finale after the one act–“The Crew Runs the Show”–the roles in these skits will be the “backstage crew” of the showcase, as well as some of the showcase participants portraying themselves. These skits will mainly feature the youth/young adults, but there are also roles for kids available. The other skit that will feature the youth is “The Weapons of Our Warfare”.
    • DANCERS: featured dancers who will be showcased in one of the group musical numbers.


    Once you have filled out the information below, an email will be sent to you with further information, including rehearsal schedule and audition requirements.


      From a young age, I loved performing and anything to do with theatre, but it was hard to find somewhere to learn more about it without being in an uncomfortable environment or having to pay an insane amount of money. That is why I want to provide this safe environment for kids and youth to learn more about theatre and how they can use those gifts to glorify God, and have fun! I am so excited to get started. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Thank you all!