KIDS at The Gate is one of the most important ministries at The Gate.

Our mission for KIDS at The Gate is to provide an environment where kids of all ages can encounter God. We want the character of God, the ways of God and the love of God to be real and understood by our kids. It is our desire to partner with parents as their children begin the lifelong journey of discipleship.

Safety and Security: Your child’s safety is our utmost concern. Therefore, in order to provide a safe and secure environment for our children, all children must be registered. First time attendees should register their children at the Welcome Desk in the upstairs Lobby. There your child will receive a name tag and parents will receive a receipt with the child’s quiet call number on it. This receipt must be presented to teachers as children are picked up after the Worship Gathering.

NURSERY (Birth – Walking)

We love babies! This is such a precious age and we provide a safe, comfortable environment for your babies to play and rest. Our volunteers speak God’s Word over each one that comes in the Nursery. Let us know how we can best serve your little one as they are dropped off.

TODDLERS (Walking – Potty Trained)

Toddlers are so fun! They love to play and learn. Our volunteer team is ready to love, encourage and play with your toddler. We take great care to make sure that each one has everything they need and feels the love of God. We tell stories from the Bible and declare truth over each toddler.

PRE-K (Potty Trained – Pre-K)

We love to spend time with this energetic and curious group of kids for who they are and what they are. We join them in their world. We help them to understand God in new and deepening ways through creative experiences that provide concrete examples of the Bible lesson for the week. Our goal is that they will be able to communicate one key component that they learned about God while also continuing to help them memorize scripture and enjoy the Bible.

ELEMENTARY (Kindergarten-5th Grade)

Classes are split up Kindergarten – 2nd Grade and 3rd – 5th Grade. We come together for worship and teaching, then split back up for age appropriate discussion and activities. Through teaching, prayer, worship, creative arts and hands-on instruction, our elementary aged children are learning the truth of God’s word and how it applies to their lives every day. So many kids start a relationship with God during this age group, we want to give them all the tools and resources to help grow that relationship in healthy ways. The Sunday morning experience includes group games, creative powerful lessons and worship. We believe worshiping together as a family is important, so this age group remains upstairs with their families for the entire service every 5th Sunday.


For more information contact Aimee Seidelman, Children’s Pastor at / 253.227.8099