Body of Proof Teaching Series

Teachings from our “Body of Proof” Sermon Series.

Our Unexplored Call

A Whole New Way To Connect

Getting Down To It, The Bond of Peace

The Power of an Un-grieved Holy Spirit

God's New Society

The Abundant Society

The Priority of the Gathering

The Body "At War"

Body of Inconvenience

Hearing God's Voice Teaching Series

Teachings from our “Speak Lord” Sermon Series.

The Heart That Can Hear God's Voice

The Principles of Hearing God's Voice

Confirming Guidance, Testing Impressions

Spirit Controlled Life Teaching Series

Teachings from our “Life in the Spirit” Sermon Series.

Fountainhead Of The Spirit

Freedom Of Self-Denial

Sowing To The Spirit

Being Controlled By Joy

The Spirit-Run Life

Sowing Seed To The Spirit

Out Of Your Innermost Being

Living With People

Fighting The Right Fight

Resting In God's Sovereignty

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