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The Grandma Zenya

She was walking around her destroyed house crying out to her mother who had passed away several years ago. She was deeply grieving the loss of her home that was passed down to her in a village on the northside of Kyiv. Sergey and his team found Grandma Zenya and told her that they would provide a home for her. If you zoom in on her face you can see a bit of a smile.
It is an unfortunately common story across Ukraine; elderly people have a story to tell not only of the current loss of their property and loved ones to this war but also of great loss throughout their lives. This generation of people grew up under communism. They were promised a good life if they served for the greater good of the government. When the system broke down in the early 90’s these people lost most of what they had worked for.  Ukrainian people are long suffering people, they know how to survive but this war has stripped away so much from all of them.

About the Artist:Laci has painted professionally for 7 years. She has worked with many companies including Anthropologie, Harper Collins and HGTV. Laci strives to reflect the Creator by painting His creation, and hopes to Bring Him glory as she attempts, by His grace, to steward the gift of visual art well.

About this painting:
I was so drawn to the original photo of this woman. Her posture said it all. She looks weary and worn. A posture we all carry at some point in life. A posture that the Lord receives with open arms. A posture primed for His grace.
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